First Ever “Zero Power Cooling” Products Offer Effective Solutions for Many Industries

ZPC Cycle
Zero Power Cooling (ZPC)

Frosty Cold Tech’s non-toxic products range from industrial applications to individual cold packs for personal use

(Kansas City) – A versatile new coolant invention using an unprecedented technology is being launched to the market with extensive applications in multiple industries internationally.

Frosty Cold Technologies of Kansas City is developing the first of its kind Zero Power Cooling (ZPC) coolant solution that can provide perpetual chilling without any source of power whatsoever.

The patented Frosty Cold Tech innovation is a powdered coolant agent that initially transforms into a sub-freezing product when any kind of water is added to it – even sea or ocean water.

The Frosty Cold Tech coolant is reusable inside its packaging as it automatically regenerates via evaporation and can be refreshed hundreds of times over. When the water evaporates off, the coolant dries out and retains 100% of its cooling ability for future use.

Frosty Cold helps provide a uniquely efficient and effective cold chain solution for many industries from basic refrigeration to industrial to medical to recreational and a few that the world has never seen or imagined. The product can be adapted to any custom shape/volume, flexible or rigid packaging, and can even be formulated to achieve any freezing point or temperature desired. It is 100% recyclable and contains no toxic chemicals.

Frosty Cold has already developed the world’s first just-add-water instant cold packs. When water is added to the Frosty Cold pack, which is pre-loaded with their patented coolant blend, it becomes colder than ice in just 20 seconds and can maintain refrigerator temperatures for several hours.

A few applications: See the extensive application possibilities & videos:

Humanitarian Efforts: For serving underdeveloped regions and disaster areas Frosty Cold has been collaborating with Heart to Heart International who currently provides disaster relief and humanitarian aid products internationally.

Food preservation: In underdeveloped countries there is an unnecessary catastrophic loss of food due to insufficient cold chain delivery solutions. In Africa alone last year high heat ruined food that could have fed an astonishing 300 million people. This can be greatly mitigated with Frosty Cold’s products. The company is actively engaged with NGO’s and other humanitarian entities that envision several cooling applications using their coolant.

General Interest Consumer: Frosty Cold Tech products have applications that fit in with mainstream activities like outdoor recreation, sports as well as leisure market segments.

Frosty Cold is working with some top companies in many industries to secure licensing deals for their versatile innovation.

One of the largest and most well known humanitarian organizations in the world will be incorporating the Frosty Cold Tech coolant into a uniquely-designed, highly-insulated cooler developed for the delivery of cold milk for dairy farmers in Africa. And many more product uses and applications are to follow.

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