Frosty Cold and “Scorching Heat”

A recent WSJ article titled “Outages Reveal Extent of India Power Woes” describes the scorching heat — temperatures across northern India have hovered around 115 degrees for nearly a week — and how “nearly 300 million people in India have limited or no access to electricity”

Scorching Heat

Since Frosty Cold’s coolant doesn’t require power, it can be used to cool beverages & food, and provide emergency cooling.  Coolant can also be used in conjunction with evaporative cooling to provide A/C and/or refrigeration while being powered by just a car battery or solar panel.

When Frosty Cold’s coolant was mixed with 115.2°F water, it dropped down to 36.3°F in just 1.11 minutes (cooling drop of 78.9°F)!

Frosty Cold and Scorching Heat

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