Overland Park, KS, September 22, 2017– Frosty Cold, LLC has signed its
first commercial agreement with Sunscope USA  “This is a huge step forward for us,” said Steve Sharpe, CEO. This agreement will enable us to get our product supplied

Sunscope USA will dedicate a whole section of its 2018 catalog to display
new items powered by Frosty Tech™ including the world’s fastest chilling
coozie, super cold beer pitcher, cooling shaker, and more! It’s hard to make things cold… Frosty Tech™ does it efficiently, inexpensively, quickly, and safely (non-toxic). This patented 100% Eco-Friendly cooling agent is the Future of Cooling™.

Frosty Cold is fully committed to developing and providing disruptive,game-changing cooling technologies that meaningfully impact and improve the lives of people everywhere in the world. Through countless applications for recreation, industrial, refrigeration, and most importantly for solutions within the humanitarian sphere.

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COLDER * FASTER * LONGER: Frosty Cold’s new reusable ice packs

By Tony Bergida and Steve Sharpe

Back in High School, I tore my ankle playing football. It burned like crazy, a long dull tingling that would not go away. Countless hours were spent lying on the couch with my foot elevated and a cold pack sitting on top. The ice felt good. But was it really treating my injury?

The science says probably not! Doctors recommend that cold packs for most injuries need to provide treatment in the temperature range of 33F-39F for 20-30 minutes to facilitate meaningful recovery. Often, a cold pack will relieve the pain for a short period, but do very little toward improving recovery time.  We’re changing that. Most cold packs don’t even go below 40F, and when they do, they often can’t stay within the prescribed range for more than 10 -15 minutes.

We have designed an instant on-demand cold pack that actually accomplishes what the doctor prescribes. In addition to being instant (first-time instant activation), our cold pack is also reusable and its performance surpasses current medical cold packs.

So why is the Frosty Cold Pack so much better than its rivals? There are a few reasons. First, we have the best gel, which simply gets colder, gets cold faster and stays cold longer. The gel’s malleable properties allow for more flexibility than what’s on the market and complete skin contact. Thus, our packs fully cover and treat the area of injury. Traditional cold packs are average at best, often filled with prills and/or lots of air, which really hampers their cooling power.

Frosty Cold’s patented cooling gel has performed exceptionally well versus other mainstream cold packs in its testing. Our formula truly gets cold faster and stays cold longer than other products that are currently on the market. Stay tuned for more info as Frosty Cold prepares to release its cold pack and other products into the retail market in Q1-2018.

Our Story

It all started with daydreaming in school. While finishing his undergraduate degree, John Bergida sat in a business law class listening to a mock liability case on an instant hot pack. John was more interested in constructive uses for the technology than finding out who was at fault. An idea was born.

Invention runs in Bergida’s DNA. John’s great-grandfather, Ralph T. Ross, invented the first car locks that were put on the Model-T Ford, as well the bobby pin hair clip. He received patents but never commercialized them.  Grandpa Ross’ story inspired John. “If I ever have an idea worth developing,” John said, “I’d like to create a company and make it a success.”

Through his research on instant heating, John found that while there are many ways to make things warm up, there are very few, and often ineffective, ways to generate instant cooling. While John finished his business degree and MBA at Benedictine College, the school had a Big Idea competition where contestants rode a trolley bus and pitched their ideas for a product or business.  John won his senior year with the idea for a self-cooling beverage can and used the funds to file his first patent.

That Dean at the time of Benedictine’s Business School introduced John to Steve Sharpe and David Leavitt. Steve became Frosty Cold’s first investor and current CEO. David Leavitt worked with John to develop the eco-friendly and efficient cooling formula we have today.

Add water to packet, shake…instant cold

April 26, 2016

When mixed with water, this powdery substance provides colder-than-ice temperatures, but are there industrial applications?

John Bergida, president/founder of Frosty Cold, had an idea for a chemical powder that could plunge water from room temperature to below freezing in seconds while maintaining a slurry state. However, the first formula was hardly inert; it was actually quite volatile and explosive in nature.

Bergida teamed up with a chemist involved in high-level nuclear chemistry, and together, they discovered how to turn the potentially unstable chemical into an inert compound, safe enough to be stored in any environment and made usable by just adding water. Continue reading Add water to packet, shake…instant cold

First Ever “Zero Power Cooling” Products Offer Effective Solutions for Many Industries

ZPC Cycle
Zero Power Cooling (ZPC)

Frosty Cold Tech’s non-toxic products range from industrial applications to individual cold packs for personal use

(Kansas City) – A versatile new coolant invention using an unprecedented technology is being launched to the market with extensive applications in multiple industries internationally.

Frosty Cold Technologies of Kansas City is developing the first of its kind Zero Power Cooling (ZPC) coolant solution that can provide perpetual chilling without any source of power whatsoever.

The patented Frosty Cold Tech innovation is a powdered coolant agent that initially transforms into a sub-freezing product when any kind of water is added to it – even sea or ocean water. Continue reading First Ever “Zero Power Cooling” Products Offer Effective Solutions for Many Industries

Fresh Talk Cold chain product worth watching

karst-tom-249_73By Tom Karst
January 28, 2016 | 12:59 pm EST

You never know when you are going to hear something you haven’t heard before.

Several months ago, I was playing doubles racquetball at the health club with my usual Thursday night crew, plus a guy I had never met before by the name of Steve.

After we finished the match, I learned he, Steve Sharpe, was the CEO of a startup called Frosty Cold Tech.


Growing Global Importance of Cold – Article

Food Waste, Global Warming, world hunger“But the FAO also reckons as much as a third of all food is lost or wasted between harvest and home, mostly in the developing world. Halving food waste would feed 800 million of the 1 billion chronically undernourished people in the world, research by the International Institute of Refrigeration suggests.”

“What’s remarkable,” said Peters, “is that 95% of agricultural research is about increasing yields.” Reducing waste should be a priority, he said, and “cold really is the key. But cold done smartly. If we just replicate the old technologies, we’re heading for environmental disaster.”

“We just need to think about cold differently,” said Peters. “Because solving cold, really doing it smarter, would actually do more to help the world meet its climate-change targets than almost anything else I can think of.”

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Eliminating Food Waste

Frosty Tech™ can provide instant cooling for rural farmers – eliminating the waste of almost ½ of all fruits and vegetables grown in Sub-Saharan Africa that are currently lost since there is no reliable cold-chain from farm to market – as well as later fertilize their fields since it is also a balanced NPK fertilizer.

300 Million

Fresh ProduceFresh Milk

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What the Hellish Heat in Pakistan Has Been Like

“A scorching heat wave that has plagued Karachi, Pakistan for the past week, with temperatures reaching 113 degrees Fahrenheit

Pakistan heat wave

The heat wave has killed more than 830 people, an unusually high number for Pakistan, which is accustomed to scorching temperatures.”

Heat Wave Pakistan02

“This heat wave hit during the holy month of Ramadan, when most residents of the city refrain from food or drink during the day, making them more vulnerable to heat-related illnesses.”

“In addition, power outages have disabled many fans and air conditioners, further limiting the availability of relief.”

~ Frosty Cold’s coolant drops from 115 degrees Fahrenheit down to 36 degrees Fahrenheit in just 1 minute!  No power or ice required, just add water.  Instant cold packs with Frosty Tech™ can provide live-saving cooling for Pakistan and other countries around the globe! ~

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